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The Brand Container

with Nicole Pas

Learn how to build connection, authority and work with your dream clients by creating the Ultimate Brand

Are you ready to create the Brand of your dreams?

The Brand Container is a fully immersive, 8 weeks course where you will learn what it takes to build a brand that leads with heart and serves with purpose. Are you ready to get rid of the overwhelm and connect with your dream clients?! Let’s go!

Hey there, founders, creators, thinkers, see-ers and do-ers!

You’ve worked hard to build incredible services for your clients – and now it’s time for you to take centre-stage and get noticed too!

Your brand and your business go hand-in-hand to tell the story of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. One without the other is like skipping the punchline of a joke, or getting to the end of a novel only to find the last few pages are missing – but did you know that you need both?!

Understanding the importance of your personal brand and your business brand are fundamental to the success of your biz. No, they are not the same and yes, you absolutely need to have both!

The Brand Container is designed to give you the power to create a magntic brand that connects with your audience in a way that makes them feel seen and heard by YOU.

I teach you the fundamentals of what a bold brand is without the fluff. You will gain clarity, forget the overwhelm and build a brand that is truly YOU.

Are you ready to level up? I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Nicole x 

Do you ever feel like you can’t find ‘your people’ or that you’re creating incredible content that’s just not landing with the right audience?

Chances are – you’re probably right!

How can your dream clients find you if you aren’t speaking *TO* them?! They can’t find you unless you PUT YOURSELF in their path and share your work in a way that lights their soul on fire

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    Feeling overwhelmed not understanding who you want to work with?

    … or have you and your business evolved but your ‘client avatar’ is stuck in 2017? Let’s leave that old thinking behind and take a fresh perspective on how you look at your ideal clients

    Sick of wrecking your brain wondering why your content isn’t landing?

    … or wondering why your audience isn’t growing? Do you have strategy behind your socials or just post into the wind?

    Feeling like you lack consistency in your messaging?

    …or are you forever feeling like nothing you put out there lands?

    Finding yourself considering throwing in the towel and getting a 'real job'?

    …wondering what’s even the point in being a small business owner – it’s all too hard!


    Gain clarity on what your brand stands for

    … and who you want to serve. Along with learning how to differentiate between your personal and your business brand to make your strategy crystal clear

    Understand your brand's soul and purpose

    … imagine waking up every morning knowing EXACTLY who you serve and why. Just think of the time you’ll get back to actually work IN your business!

    Handle your content with ease and flow

    … imagine not having to waste hours thinking about & creating your content, instead having an easy to follow system to schedule and manage your socials like the queen you are!

    Step into your true power

    … by building authority and becoming the leader you were born to be!

    It’s your Brand’s time to shine!

    All to often, we start businesses thinking aboout the service we want to offer… we can spend weeks & months crafting, building & testing our services before launching them in the big, wide world, hoping to land our dream clients.

    But do you know what you should have been doing?!

    It’s all well and good to launch with your services sorted, but what’s just as crucial, if not fundamental, is to establish a solid Brand.

    Your Brand is what people will think of, remember and want to buy from – it’s what you will be known for.

    When was the last time you have your Brand the love it deserves?

    Enter, The Brand Container

    “It was like magic!”

    I’ve recently been working with Nicole Pas , to sum up the brand essence of Compass Copywriting.

    I’ve dabbled in this work before, but never really found it click and my efforts towards it have fizzled.

    But this time, with the weekly check-ins and personal guidance, my brand guide is flourishing. Getting it all out on paper (or in my case a schmick-looking Canva slide deck) has given me so much clarity on what my brand stands for, what I talk about and how it differs from me as an individual.

    As someone who works as a freelancer around her young children, it’s been quite liberating to find a brand voice that taps into profesh Laura and not the park-playing, snack-making role I play on my days off.

    To say it feels good is an understatement.

    Laura Robinson, Compass Copywritting


    “It’s worth the investment in your brand.”

    I’ve participated in several branding photo shoots with Nicole. So much effort and thought goes into these days. Nic maximises the value you receive and is amazing at putting you at ease in front of the camera. The importance of professional images can’t be underestimated for any small business.  Well worth the investment in your brand.

    Ange Zegir

    8 week immersive course to help you nail your Branding

    Week 1: Your WHY

    • Who are you, really?
    • Let's write Chapter One of your story
    • Your Brand character
    • Find your Uniqueness
    • Mindset Matters

    Week 2: Your Ideal Client

    • What does James Cameron have to do with your ideal client?
    • Who is your customer, really?
    • Why do they need you?
    • Understand where your customers 'live'

    Week 3: Finding your Brand Voice

    • What creates the soul of your brand
    • Understanding how language affects feeling
    • How to make your brand come to life
    • Discover your Brand Identity

    Week 4: Your Master Brand Guide

    • Time to reiew your new Brand baby
    • Let's map out the deeper soul of your Brand
    • Bring the visual & written elements together
    • Time to build your Brand bible

    Week 5: Creating a Killer Content Plan

    • The power of content
    • Creating from a place of allignment
    • How to avoid Shiny Account Syndrome
    • The 4 step secret to winning over your audience
    • Make your content work for YOU

    Week 6: Mastering your Customer Journey

    • The secret behind the ultimate growth strategy
    • Choose your own (customer) adventure
    • What clients want from you
    • Create your customer experience map

    Week 7: Money Mindset

    • The importance of pricing right
    • Breaking through money blocks
    • Think like the future you
    • Master your mindset

    BONUS: Guest Week!

    • Ready to be WOWED? Exclusive session with a Small Business Master



    Still have questions?

    Your photos and new bio will be delivered two weeks after the Shoot & Tell experience!


    Personal Branding Photography

    Professional shots by Nicole Pas, from Nicole Pas Photography.

    • 10 professionally retouched hi-res images of your choice
    • Choose the images you prefer from a full folder of options
    • Photos delivered via email 2 weeks after your session
    • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Purchase the full gallery for an additional cost
    • Cross promotion of your business on Nic's Instagram and LinkedIn

    Bonus inclusions!


    Personal Brand Strategy Snapshot

    Your Personal Brand Strategy Snapshot is inspired by the best brand storytelling work Nics and Mish do with their clients. Complete a questionnaire in advance of the experience, to help us define an approach for your shoot and interview, so we get your personal brand pitch perfect!


    Guide: How to Pose for Shots

    How to Pose for Shots is Nics’ short and sweet guide to posing in front of the camera. Whether you’re a newbie or a confident selfie taker 😉 Nics will set you ease on the day and provide extra tips to help you shine.


    Gorgeous Momento Goodie Bag

    Gifts from Nic and Mish to get you in the mood upon arrival, and leave you with something tangible to take away on the day!

    Your Shoot & Tell Schedule


    • Complete your Personal Brand Strategy Questionnaire


    • Arrive up to half an hour before your session to soak up the creative vibes of the day – complimentary drinks, nibbles and awesome tunes.
    • Optional: If you’ve purchased an additional makeup session, Melissa from Meleros will work with you to create your look.
    • First up – your photoshoot with Nics! Choose from a wide variety of ‘backdrop’ options in our warehouse space – whether corporate or casual, dreamy or determined, we’ll create a zone to suit your personal brand.
    • Then – your interview with Mish. Grab a drink and settle in as you chat about your business, professional background, ‘origin’ story, aspirations, and what sets you on fire!
    • Finally – take home your gorgeous goodie bag.


    • You’ll receive a draft story from Mish 10 days after the session.
    • You’ll receive final shots from Nics to choose from, plus the final story from Mish, two weeks after the session.
    • It’s time to celebrate, by promoting your photos and story on all your platforms – website, LinkedIn and socials!


    Professional Express Makeup: add $100

    We’re excited to have scored the gorgeous Melissa from Meleros as our makeup artist on the day! She’ll be doing a 30-minute Express Makeup Experience for $100.00 (purchase upon booking).

    Full Gallery of Photos: add $150.00

    Want all the best images Nics shoots on the day? When Nics sends you the final gallery to choose from, instead of selecting just 10 images (including in the Shoot & Tell experience pacakage) you can choose every single image you see! Additional cost: $150.00 (purchase upon booking, or add post-event).

    Social Media Caption Package: add $90.00

    Want a creative shortcut to promote your new personal brand images and story to the world? You’ll receive posts for Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, written in your new personal brand voice! Additional cost: $90 (purchase upon booking, or add post-event).


    Have a question?

    Below, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us!

    What should I wear on the day?

    We recommend that you wear an outfit that makes you feel like you on your best day (and then some!). Nics and Mish will support you in planning your wardrobe choices, inspired by your brand questionnaire and the Brand Strategy Snapshot we create for you.

    Where is Shoot & Tell being held?

    Shoot & Tell will be held at The Loft Studio Melbourne – a 200sqm studio styled like a New York Loft, with plenty of locations for photos.

    Address: 44/91 Moreland Street, Footscray, VIC 3011 

    Transport: A 5-minute walk from Footscray Station; or plenty of on-street parking.

    Do I need to prepare anything for my interview?

    Please complete the Personal Brand Strategy Questionnaire that we send you in advance of your Shoot & Tell experience. Otherwise, you just need to chat naturally to Mish on the day!

    Do you offer payment plans?

    We’re sorry but at this point, we can’t offer payment plans as our booking system doesn’t allow for it.

    Who is your makeup artist?

    We’re excited to have scored the gorgeous Melissa from Meleros as our makeup artist on the day! Check out this dreamy brand here:

    She’ll be doing a 30-minute Express Makeup Experience for $100.00.

    How do I book your makeup artist and what is the cost?

    You can book our makeup artist on our ticketing platform at the same time you choose your experience time slot.

    You can book our makeup artist on our ticketing platform at the same time you choose your experience time slot. Melisssa will do an Express Makeup Experience for $100.00, in 30 minutes! Simply add the timeslot with her in your Humanitix booking and arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled experience time on your ticket.

    How much does it cost for the optional extra Social Media Posts Package from Mish?

    The Social Media Posts Package is the perfect complement to your new photos and bio! They’ll be written in your personal brand tone of voice, and are ready to pop onto Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.


    • 1 x LinkedIn Post
    • 1 x Instagram Post
    • 1 x Facebook Post

    Cost: $90 AUD

    How to pay: Either purchase with your ticket when you book your experience or ask Mish to create them after you receive your photos and story! Mish will send you a separate invoice in the latter case.

    How much does it cost to purchase the full gallery of photos and when do I buy them?

    You can purchase the full gallery of photos when you book your experience. It represents incredible value for money! Or wait until you fall in love with the full gallery, and Nics will send an invoice for the additional $150.00.

    Where do I book?

    We’re proud to be using Humanitix as our booking platform – the not-for-profit, humane ticketing platform with booking fees that all go to charity.

    Book right here on this page (the booking module is above) or head out to Humanitix.

    What are your contact details for further information?

    For further information not covered here, please email us!

    Or you can call Mish directly on ~ 0435547755