So you’ve had your photoshoot and received your personal branding images but aside from scheduling them into your up and coming content, you’re stuck with ideas on where else you can use them. Personal branding images offer you so much, they tell a story, a connection point to your audience, consistency within your brand and so much more! 

Building a consistent brand is a key element in attracting your ideal clients. Fresh branding shots are perfect to use to spruce up your existing digital spaces and today I am going to share the many ways that you can use your personal branding images for your business. 

Update your headshots across all of your social platforms

When potential clients come across your brand they want to see YOU! They want to connect with the person and face behind the brand. Let’s make it consistent across all of your social media platforms by updating the profile images to a smiling photo of you that really represents your personality so that your ideal client can connect with you. 

One of my clients does a great job of this! 

Refresh your emailing marketing templates 

Now that you’ve got your beautiful brand images let’s showcase them in your EDM’s. The best way to do this is to use a new image each time you email your list. Show them who you are, create a connection point between you and your audience.

Website refresh 

One of my favourite ways to showcase your branding photos is to update your website to create consistency within your brand. Pick out images that work well together and really tell a relevant story to the content. 

One of my clients Legacy Pilates does this so beautifully

Update your blog posts

Have you got a blog? This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your content and swap out those old images to the new ones to create a consistent brand. Bonus tip! Be sure to include pinnable graphics. 

(Can we insert some examples from mine here?)

Create marketing material 

Import your new photos into Canva and combine your empowering words to create new marketing material. Canva has a tonne of templates to choose from that will be sure to capture your audience’s attention. Use these images on your social media accounts to entertain, educate & share your story. 

One of my clients Branche nails this! She uses her photos from our shoot alongside quotes to really connect with her clients. 

Products and services 

Are you about to launch a course or ebook? Your cover is now sorted! See, I told you that your personal branding images go a long way. 

Lauren from The Vibe Tribe Group does a great job doing this!

I hope you are feeling inspired to use your images… if it’s made you want to create your own images – send me a booking inquiry now!