Being an introvert is hard at the best of times, but in this Instagram & TikTok heavy world where every gal and her dog seems to be dancing or pointing their way across our screens multiple times a day, it can be super intimidating for those of us who would prefer to fly under the radar.

But I’m here to tell you that you TOO can build a brand, and a successful one at that, by not having to share every moment of your life on socials.

I did it, and today I’m going to share with you my key takeaways and which type is best, from the last few years of experimenting, sometimes hating, but most of the time having fun on social media!


This was a big one for me and one that I admittedly tried to put off for soooo long, but eventually tried and realised, hey it’s actually not that bad!

You guys know I love to go on about how you ARE your brand (even if you own a product based biz 😉 ) and the only way for your audience to like, know and trust your brand is to get to know your story and who the human is behind the brand.

And this means getting out from behind your computer/camera/phone and saying ‘hi’ to the very real humans who are following your journey.

I find Stories are the best way to do this – you can keep it short and sweet, give your peeps updates each week whilst still building that like/know/trust factor.

Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously!


Humans are nosy by nature –  we always want to know what’s going on and what people are up to. So, show them! 

If you’re a product based biz, show your process of design through to production and packing orders; for service based businesses, show a typical day in the office or a sneak peak of a client meeting or shoot.

Your audience will love to see what a typical day in your life looks like and it will do wonders for building their connection to your brand.

I find Reels or Tik Tok are a great way to showcase this type of content and are a good way for you to get your creative juices going.


Haha, I love a pun 😉 

Meme’s are such a fun way to build connection, have a joke, share your thoughts with your audience without ever having to show your face on your feed.

I love to use Canva to create my templates and then use quotes I’ve found that really resonate or thoughts I’ve had throughout my day.

This is also a great way to bring your brand colours into your feed to keep consistency with your audience.

Static feed posts are definitely the way to go for this type of content. And don’t forget a witty caption to go along with it!


Hear me out… you know that you need to share your knowledge with your community but you forgot to wash your hair and cbf jumping in the shower to look presentable?

BAM! Create a video with other content (could be behind the scenes, footage from a recent trip to the beach, footage of you packing an order, walking through nature etc) then layer your audio track over the top.

The result – an engaging video full of juicy info your audience will love with minimal effort of you part!

Again, Reels and Tik Tok are your best bet for this type of content.

So there you have it friends, my top 4 tips on how to show up in your biz as an introvert.

I’d love to know how you found these tips – leave me a comment below!