Welcome to our first Guest Blog post! Today we’re chatting with Maree Sortino from The Social Secret where she spills all the secrets (pun intended!) around the ever elusive Influencer Marketing. So, are you ready? Let’s go!

We’ve all done it….

You’re scrolling through Instagram and you come across a post where your fave influencer is wearing the most amazing pair of earrings that you just HAVE to have in your life.  Oh, and there’s a discount code too…..even better!  Before you know it, the purchase is made and those babies are on their way to you.  Maybe it’s not earrings…it could be a dress, a pair of shoes or something else you really don’t need in your life.

Influencer Marketing, when done correctly, has the ability to be super successful for your small business.

In fact, the Influencer Marketing industry in Australia is thriving as business owners turn away from traditional advertising methods.  The great thing about Influencer Marketing is that it’s also affordable for people who don’t have the big budgets of large corporations.

I could talk for hours on this topic (and I do in my online Influencer Marketing Training Program) but today, I explore just some of the things you need to be mindful of to ensure an Influencer Marketing campaign has the best chance of success!

Don’t choose influencers based who YOU like and follow. 

Always be thinking of who your target audience is liking and following.  The Influencer you choose should have a very similar target demographic to yours.

Make sure you’re doing your proper checks before engaging with an Influencer.

Unfortunately, there are so many shady tactics being implemented by so-called ‘influencers’, that you don’t know about.  So, they might look like they’re doing a great job, but they aren’t.

Follow Influencer protocol! 

I see time and time again, small business owners thinking that Influencer Marketing simply means sending out a product and then crossing your fingers that they actually post.  Hate to break it to you…this is not Influencer Marketing.  This is a quick and easy way of throwing away your hard earned $$.

Not providing your Influencer with a brief! 

How do they know what your expectations are if you don’t tell them?  ALWAYS provide a brief that contains your key messages, examples of what you might like them to do, any hashtags or tags they need to use, anything they need to steer clear of etc…

Understand your obligations. 

There are more and more restrictions around Influencer Marketing and in Australia, we are guided by AIMCO (Australian Influencer Marketing Council).  There’s also the Ad Standards Regulations and if you’re in the health industry, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  KNOW AND UNDERSTAND what you can and can’t do!

Follow any Influencer who you feel you’d love to work with. 

Like their content.  Comment on their posts.  Answer their story polls.  When you then engage with them for work opportunities, your name won’t be unfamiliar to them.

So, where to from here??  Thought you’d never ask!

If you’d like to know the best way of moving ahead with Influencer Marketing.  ALL the hints and tips, I have a great online Influencer Marketing Training Program for only $79!  In this program I take you through everything you need to know.  You’ll get example email scripts and brief templates too.

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Written by Maree Sortino from The Social Secret