You may be at the beginning of your biz journey or already well and truly in planning mode. Or, perhaps, you’re a few years in but feeling like you need a refresh… but one thing’s for sure, you understand that brands are VISUAL. 

In a world where digital marketing is everything, logo’s, brand colours, fonts and images are how your brand will communicate its message and become instantly recognisable to your audience.

But, before you go engaging a photographer or graphic designer, you need a vision for how you want your brand to look.


My absolute favourite thing to create, they can include anything….. Images, colours, textures, fonts, fabric swabs… the world is your creative oyster.

Here are my hints on how to create a killer moodboard:

Look for inspo shots

Start collecting images from Pinterest, magazines, patterns around your home or textures you see when you are out and about. Patterns and textures are great to include as they can be used throughout your content. When collecting these images remember that they should reflect how you want your brand to look & feel whilst also attracting your ideal client (check out this blog post Finding and Attracting Your Ideal Client!). Start a visual scrapbook in Canva and place your collected images on a blank project. 

Work on your colour palette

Find images that compliment each other and start collating colours together to make a colour palette. Canva is going to be your best friend, so jump back into your project and add your swatches. If you feel like a colour doesn’t fit in take it out, you want to create a coordinated feel. 

What font speaks to you?

First and foremost you don’t have to be a font expert! The most important thing to remember is to select fonts that really stand out for you. These will create the foundation for your brand, which is an extension of you. Pinterest is a great place to start by searching for fonts and adding them to your inspiration board on Canva. 

Your brand message and how it ties in

Have your brand message at the forefront of your thoughts when collecting your inspiration for your moodboard. You want to make sure that the colours, images and font really speak to your brand message. For example if your messaging is all about being bold, your colours and fonts need to represent this. 

Show what you do

When selecting your inspirational pieces for your moodboard, you want to show what you do through images, colours and fonts. Visuals are a great way to show what you do and tell your story. Tap into your ideal clients pain points, how they want to feel and tie that back to why you do what you do, to really drive it home.

Apps that I recommend to use to create your moodboard:


Pinterest has so many inspirational images to choose from and that’s why it’s my personal go to when creating moodboards. Utilise the search bar to put in inspirational words and start saving them to your board. It’s such a quick and easy way to collate your images, textures and fonts in one place. 


Yep, our favourite social media platform (Tik Tok who?!)… There are so many inspiring accounts & graphics on Instagram, and you can create your own folders to save them. This is especially handy when insta throws some suggested accounts your way and you want to save them for later! Search hashtags, accounts and reels for inspo and save, save, save!

Canva Pro

To bring your visions and inspirations to life Canva will be your best friend! Canva has a wide range of features that allow you to edit photos, put your inspiration together, create eye-catching graphics and all without extension photo editing knowledge. You can create an A4 project from blank or use one of their moodboard templates and paste in all of your collected pieces. Then it’s time to put it all together to create your moodboard!  

And remember, this is not a create once and forget task…. Once you’ve got your brand assets in your hands; keep looking, adding and growing your inspiration boards, as you grow, they will grow with you