As a photographer, I’ve worked with so many businesses in capturing their personal brand and a part of the shoot journey I’ve always found myself providing them with nuggets of wisdom that support them to build a thriving personal brand. I just love sharing my knowledge with others and today I wanted to share the importance of your personal brand.

So, what IS a personal brand?

Your personal brand is the essence of who you are, a way for people to know what you’re about, your business values, vision and everything else in between. We want your potential clients to arrive on your website and social media profiles and know exactly who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you can support them.

Building a personal brand is an ongoing process of creating impressionable content for your audience that brings them into your business. It draws them in, speaks to them in a way that makes them want to work with you, whilst providing them with valuable nuggets of information without giving all your secrets away.

It’s how you promote yourself in a way that is unique to your business through a combination of stories, experience and most importantly your personality.

Why building your social footprint is crucial to your PB

Your ideal clients are drawn to your business when you consistently tell your story and share you/r brand’s personality. If you were to write posts for social media in a different voice to the one on your website, this creates confusion for your audience and results in a disconnect between who you are and what your business is.

When you create authentic content and discussions through story-telling you will notice more people actively drawn to your brand and most importantly, they will start engaging with you. Start creating your content with purpose, ensuring it aligns with your brand’s values, vision and mission that’s clearly articulated across your brand.

Incorporate storytelling to create deeper connection

Something that I learnt along the way is that your story will drive your business forward. Storytelling sequentially leads to building trust with your ideal clients because they feel a deeper connection to who you are and your brand, which is the ultimate goal.

You allow potential clients to connect with you on an emotional level when you become open to sharing your story. This will help your brand stand out online through all of the noise when you are authentically you.

The majority of us start our businesses based on our experiences, something that we went through that led us to teaching this lesson to others. Start brainstorming what your story is, how it relates to your business and in turn, what are you solving for your ideal clients?

Who is your audience? How to build your community

Sharing your story is one thing but understanding WHO you’re sharing it with is priceless, especially when it comes to building your PB. You have so much to say and knowledge to share, you need to make sure the right people are hearing it.

A large part of building your brand is about being authentic and the reason for this is that ultimately, the more you gear your content to the audience you want, the more they will find you. Once this happens, in time and the more you share, they will start to engage with it and that is where the magic happens… your community will grow. Social media is an amazing platform for community building because it allows your audience to see you, hear you and feel like they know you on a deeper level than reading your blogs or seeing your products online.

So embrace all it has to offer, get yourself on insta stories, create private Facebook groups for your community to join and create content that they will want to engage with. It’s amazing the impact it will have on your brand and ultimately, your business.

And so, there you have it friends, these are my top tips for understanding and building a successful personal brand. I’d love to hear if you find these tips helpful – let me know below!